Check out our recent project in Maidenhead, where the staircase to the existing loft space was replaced with an absolutely beautiful stair that perfectly suited the Victorian semi-detached property. 
We are often contracted to complete work on loft spaces that have already been converted; whether it be simply replacing old and worn VELUX Roof Windows to a full refurbishment of the loft space, we can assist with every project. 
In this stunning traditional Victorian property, the loft space had previously converted into two rooms and an en-suite bathroom. Whilst the whole loft space was in great condition, the staircase leading from the first floor to the second was narrow, steep and had very little natural light. There was also very little head-height, creating an awkward climb up to the loft. 
Our solution was a complete remodel of the staircase, and to install a small Dormer above the staircase. The existing stairs were completed ripped out, and in its place, we installed a traditional cut-string staircase designed to match the ground to first floor staircase.  
Traditional staircase refurb, Maidenhead
Refurbed traditional staircase with balustrades, Maidenhead
As the previous staircase was narrow and took up little room, the large landing space was essentially being wasted. By widening and elongating the new staircase to maximise the available space, an additional storage area could also be created beneath the new riser. Subsequently, a larger landing space within the loft was also created. 
The small, side Dormer was installed directly above the new staircase not only allowing for the adequate head-height when climbing the staircase, but also produced bountiful natural light to the whole first and second floor landing areas, and the staircase itself. 
The design and build of the new staircase involved taking specific measurements and moulds of the ground to first floor staircase, and replicating them to be installed with the second staircase. The spindles, newel posts and newel caps were all very traditional in style, and had to be patterned and recreated for the new staircase.  
The staircase itself is has particularly unusual features, such as the first and second step being bullnose treads – an aspect the beautiful carpet runner highlights (courtesy of The Floor Store Company, a great local business based in Twyford).  
The detailing on the outer side of the staircase, beneath the cut string steps moving up towards the loft is also unusual though beautiful and uniquely-fitting for such an amazing property. 
The end result is an absolutely beautiful staircase that matches the first staircase perfectly, and creates a seamless flow from the front door right the way through the whole property to the second floor. Serving a purpose far beyond function, this staircase is project we are extremely proud of.  
Traditional staircase to loft conversion refurbishment, Berkshire
Loft conversion staircase installation, Maidenhead
Replacement traditional staircase to loft conversion, Maidenhead
Balusters on traditional staircase, Maidenhead
Loft conversion traditional staircase refurbishment, Berkshire
Staircase installation, Maidenhead
Staircase refurbishment, Berkshire
Check out our dedicated Staircase page for more information on staircases as individual projects, or as part of your new loft conversion
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