With so many different types and configurations of loft ladders available that it can often get confusing - it is only a ladder after all! There are however a number of innovative ladders designed to simplify your life, all that can be controlled by the literal push of a button. 

Fully Automated Timber Access Ladder 

For the more traditional homes, our Fully Auotmated Timber Access Ladder could be the perfect fit for regular access to the loft space. This ladder can be installed within ceiling heights up to 3.2 meters, and can be controlled either via remote, wall mounted switch within the loft, or by the button on the hatch door. With a working load of 150KG, this ladder is of quality beech hardwood with a lacquered finish, and is installed complete with two handrails.  
For the particularly tech-savvy parents wanting to drive their children mad, this ladder can also be fitted with a Bluetooth adapter allowing the whole unit to be operated up to 20 meters away by smartphone or tablet. Completely wireless. 

Fully Automated Concertina Access Ladder 

Complete with a plywood hatch and frame, our Fully Automated Access Ladder is a fantastic additional to any modern home. This unit has 300mm wide treads, telescopic handrails, and complete electrical operation of the loft ladder and the loft hatch. As ladders go, this one is pretty impressive.  
Fitted with a wall switch in the loft space and remote control sender below, each unit has an automatic stopping feature, enabling the ladder to avoid obstacles in its path once in operation. Good news for any dogs or young humans running about! 
Both options are also available as non-electrical access ladders, provided with an opening pole for ease of operation. All ladders supplied and installed by The Loft Access Company have a 10 Year Guarantee as well as assurance from our full public liability. 
Visit our dedicated Electric Loft Ladders page for an in-depth look at our automated range. To view our collection of manual access ladders, please visit our Loft Ladders page
Edit: Updated 19.01.2018 for clarity. 
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