Christmas is suddenly only a few short weeks away, and yet there is still so much to do. If you have been putting off bringing down the decorations from the loft because of the dodgy old ladder, or have had to say no to accepting guests to stay because of the junk filling up the spare bedroom, worry no more. With a guaranteed installation for all loft storage products this December, you can create the perfect loft storage area, just in time for Christmas. 
We can all understand and have felt the pressure of hosting family at Christmas time. In-laws will comment unnecessarily, kids may fight over who gets first pick of the roasties and animals will constantly be underfoot in the kitchen. Having the added pressure of not actually being able to access the loft to get down the decorations may truly throw you over the proverbial edge of insanity.  
If this rings true for you, don't worry. We are now offering Guaranteed Installation on all loft storage projects before Christmas. Whether it be a simple access ladder (please see our ladder selection here) or even a larger project such as boarding (please visit our Boarding page for more information). 
We'll also bring down your decorations for you. Whilst you installation is being done, our wonderful installers will also be sure to bring down all your Christmas decorations for, saving you time and a backache.  
Contact a member of our team today to book your no obligation survey, and find out how you make the most of your loft this Christmas! 
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On 3rd December 2016 at 19:01, Sean wilson wrote:
Hi, I'm after my loft done but with extra insulation and wooden panel on the ceiling rifts. Thanks
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