A loft is one of the best places for storing those things which are typically not used daily, yet are valuable and need to be accessed occasionally. A sizeable loft can also be turned into a study room, a play centre or even into an extra bedroom for the teen in your home (we all know how important their privacy is!). For anybody requiring access to a loft, a good, safe and sturdy ladder is a must-have. Ensuring easy access, our loft ladders can help to transform your home, creating more space and opening up a whole host of opportunities. Purchasing the correct and best loft ladder for you will give you easy and safe access to more storage space in your loft and add to the look of the home. 
How do You Know Which is the Best Loft Ladder? 
When searching for the best loft ladder for your home, it’s important to consider different factors that will enhance your experience, comfort and style. With a wide range of products to choose from, from commercial heavy-duty Aluminium Loft Ladders to the Wooden Loft Ladder, picking the right one for your needs may seem a bit daunting. Here are several key points to consider when looking for the best loft ladder. 
How Much Available Loft Space do I Have?  
If the space where you intend to install the loft ladder is somewhat limited, the best option for your home may be the Concertina. This type of ladder doesn't require too much space for installation; its heavy-duty, aluminium frame will ensure a sturdy access solution to your loft and is very long-lasting. The Aluminium Concertina Loft Ladder, is a fantastic option for smaller spaces! 
If you are one of the lucky ones with a slightly larger loft space, then you could decide to go for an Aluminium Ladder. These are great for convenience and practicality, whilst coming in a range of prices to suit all budgets. 
If you have discovered that you have an even larger space, however, such as a whole other room in your home, then a Timber Loft Ladder becomes your best option. Offering high quality in a contemporary design, timber loft ladders provide both style and functionality and are perfect for enhancing loft spaces that have been converted into an additional room. 
When choosing the ladder, ensure that you get one that has been specifically assembled or designed to fit the loft opening size. You will also need to make sure that you have enough loft storage space (height & length) to fit the required ladder design. It will not only be very costly but frustrating to buy a loft ladder only to find that the measurements don't match up with your loft! 
Who Will Be Using The Ladder? 
If your loft ladder is going to be used by teens, young children or older persons for accessing the loft space, you may want to consider installing a space-saving staircase with safety in mind. These don't require to be operated as they are permanently placed, similar to a standard set of stairs. This alternative normally comes with handrails providing something firm to hold on to and with sturdy steps underfoot it can make them a better choice for younger and older generations in the home. 
If the loft ladder is generally being used by able-bodied persons, then the Aluminium Sliding Loft Ladder is a great choice with a shorter, single handrail in a more practical frame. Combining durability with ease, the Concertina Loft Ladder can also be a great choice to consider and can be easily carried for efficiency. 
What Will Match My Home Interior? 
Not one of the most important factors, however interior design and home renovations have become more popular over the past couple of years with lockdown being a focal point of this. But hey, when you’re stuck inside...what better time to re-do the home! With this in mind, you might be considering which style of loft ladder is the best match for your home. With a wide range of products to choose from, we offer styles from the classic metal loft ladder, to bespoke modern-looking hardwood loft ladders. Whatever the style, we’ve got you covered - explore our full range of loft ladders today. 
What is My Budget? 
Finally, what is your budget? Loft ladders can range from under £100 to over the thousands, so doing your research with a budget in mind will allow you to segment your search with higher relevance and accessibility to what you’re looking for. With a lower budget in mind, our Spacemaker 2 Section Aluminium Sliding Loft Ladder might be just what you’re looking for. Do you have a high budget and fancy something a bit more high-end? Then our Balmoral Electric Sliding Wooden Stairway may be the one for you. 
Choosing the Best Loft Ladder For Your Home 
Once you have looked at the above key considerations, it is time for you to check what is available in the market. Whether it is Electric Loft Ladder Variants, Vertical Environments or Dolle loft ladders, we offer all styles and sizes so you can be sure you will get the best loft ladder that will perfectly meet your requirements. 
The Loft Access Company have over 22 years’ experience in all things loft related - including installing loft insulation. If have any other questions or would like to book in a no-obligation survey, please get in touch. Thank you for reading! 
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