Christmas can be a wonderful time spent relaxing with friends and family, however the weeks following are anything but. With presents strewn all over the house and the half empty chocolate boxes left on the coffee table (not to mention the fridge full of cheese), the Christmas decs and various trinkets very quickly become an eyesore rather than pretty decorations. 
Here are five useful tips from our expert loft storage team on how to beat those January blues! 

Get yourself organised  

It will be painful and long, yes, but getting yourself and your home organised as soon as you can is the best possible strategy for kicking of the new year to good start. Putting it off, delaying the clear-up that extra week or two will just make it more difficult in the long run.  
The solution? Set yourself small, daily goals. Non-negotiable tasks that you get done as soon as you can to get your home life back on track.  
1. Prep yourself before you wreck yourself.  
Get your loft ready to bring the Christmas decorations up by clearing the centre and having appropriate storage containers on hand to keep everything simple. The loft very easily becomes a dumping ground for everything you don't need to hand, so simply sifting through your belongings on somewhat regular basis (every couple of months or so) to remind yourself what is up there is a gentle reminder to yourself that a clear out needs to happen.  
Opaque containers similar to the ones featured below, are excellent for storing seasonal decorations as they can be sealed and tagged without too much effort. They also keep your belongings protected against any dust, or unwelcome house guests.  
2. Make use of what you have. 
Whether your loft floor consists of rickety doors positioned across the rafters, a couple of meters of plywood in the centre or boarding throughout that has been completed professionally, make use of every square inch. Space is a true commodity and if you are lucky enough to have loft big enough to use as storage, you better make the most of it.  
The under-eaves can awkward, but try to place smaller boxes or items first and leave as much of the centre clear as possible. Boarding the loft is always a good idea for safety as well as storage, and the centre is key in accessing the entire space.  

Safe and secure access 

3. Take care.  
According to the National Accident Helpline study published in 2015, 1 in 50 (2.1%) have fallen whilst moving in and out the loft with Christmas decorations. From inadequate handrail support to balancing acts gone wrong, the majority of these accidents could have been prevented safe access. There are a number of support handrail available for most of the loft ladders available on the market, as well as balustrades to surround the aperture within the loft. You can view the full report findings here. 
Starting of the year with an injury, small or otherwise, is never a good thing. Packing away the Christmas decorations can be a good reminder to yourself that it is time to fix what you don't like about your home, beginning with the things that could cause actual harm.  
loft storage tips safe access ladders

Move up, not out 

4. Children should be not seen and not heard 
If you were lucky enough not to host 2017's Christmas Day, don't worry - your time will come. 
No matter the size of your family, hosting Christmas Day is an ordeal and a half. Wouldn't it be nice for the kids to have somewhere, out of sight and out of hearing range? Whilst the bottom of the garden in the middle of winter may seem like a great idea when its time to serve lunch, the loft might be a safer alternative. Loft conversions are a brilliant way to increase the value of your property at the same time as giving you additional breathing room without having to move postcode. The conversion timeframe is roughly as follow:  
Architectural Plans - 20 working days for permitted development, 12 weeks for planning permission 
Build Duration - 12-18 weeks 
Essentially the entire loft conversion process, beginning from the initial survey right the way through to decorating and carpets, can take as long as eight months - dependent on your builder's/loft conversion specialist's lead time. Get in quick.  
5. Book a free survey with The Loft Access Company 
From basic but nonetheless safe access ladders to children's playrooms, The Loft Access Company can assist with all loft related projects. If you aren't happy with the state of your loft, please do give us a call and book your free home survey today! 
loft conversion timeframe planning in 2018
Thank you for taking the time to read! Please leave us a comment with your thoughts. 
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