From a dark and cramped loft space to an enormous rear Dormer loft conversion, read how Robert and Neil created the perfect master bedroom and en-suite for their semi-detached property. 
When Maidenhead couple Robert and Neil first decided to they wanted to transform their dark and mostly unused loft space, their initial step was to invite local builders around to the property. After receiving a number of different quotations, many of which did not include estimates for plumbing, electrical and other expenses, we were invited to visit the property.  
The first meeting with Rob, our Managing Director, was an eye opener for the couple. Rob was very frank about not only the enormity of the project being undertaken, but also gave more practical estimates for both the end result and the cost.  
As property developers, one of main concerns for home-owners is that the final result may not be what was expected. Therefore, one of the main questions Rob asked was what did they want to achieve from the build.  
For Robert and Neil, what they truly wanted was a master bedroom that gave them a peaceful and serene getaway.  
Large read dormer loft conversion in Maidenhead

"Great trust from the word go." 

Large rear dormer loft conversion with ensuite in Maidenhead
As Dormer conversions create more usable floor space, and are often the more practical choice in regards to permitted development, plans were drawn up and with a flourish of activity, the project began. 
After clearing all of Robert and Neil's belongings from the loft, the structural steels and upgraded timber joists were installed. The external works followed, with the large rear Dormer taking its shape on the end-terraced property. 
As with all construction, plans can often change. Initially, only one Velux window was included with the bathroom suite, however as the build developed it became clear that one window unit would not provide enough light into the bathroom. This also added head height within the bathroom, a definite plus! 
Similarly, the new staircase leading up into the loft didn't receive enough natural light until a third Velux was installed into the remaining sloping roof. The staircase was positioned above the existing ground to first floor staircase, saving a bedroom on the first floor.  

"The amount of discretion and effort from Simon and his team... it was great to see labourers so invested in their work." 

To the same effect as the Velux windows, two Dormer windows were included to maximise the appearance of space with the bedroom. The finished product was handed over to Robert and Neil as a clean slate; whilst we do recommend decorators and carpet fitters, we hand over each project after the plastering has been completed.  
The final result is a spacious, bright and calming master bedroom and full size en-suite bathroom. With plenty of windows on both sides of the loft, the entire space is airy and has been decorated with muted tones that just enhance the fantastic views from all directions. From the outside, the Dormer compliments the original dark woodwork on the house, creating a very attractive looking home.  
What an amazing project this was to work on, we give a hearty thanks to both Robert and Neil, for their trust in us and our teams. You were both an absolute pleasure to work with!  
Bedroom and ensuite bathroom loft conversion in Maidenhead
Bedroom in large rear dormer loft conversion in Maidenhead
Large bedroom in dormer loft conversion, Maidenhead
Bedroom in loft conversion, Maidenhead
Bathroom suite in large dormer conversion in Maidenhead
Staircase to large dormer conversion
Bath in dormer loft conversion in Maidenhead

"Full loft conversion to en suite bedroom...hassle-free and Simon and Justin who worked on it from start to end were a joy to have around. End to end experience and the final product was was worth every penny!" Neil, on Facebook 

Visit our Loft Conversions page or contact us directly to find out if your loft would be suitable for a conversion similar to Robert and Neil's. Alternatively, fill out our Request to Call Back form online and we'll be in touch! 
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