Safety is key when it comes to all DIY or home improvement projects, and the same can be said wherever you are entering and exiting the loft. When it comes to loft ladder safety, you can never be too cautious. It’s easy to avoid simple safety precautions, especially when you may use a loft ladder regularly, however caution should always be a priority. 
What Safety Features are Available with a Loft Ladder 
The best loft ladders are carefully designed to ensure the user’s safety. There are also plenty of additional parts you can purchase to make sure your ladder is extra secure, such as handrails and loft exit grab rails. 
To ensure your loft ladder is safe you should make sure that: 
The ladder is sturdy 
The footholds and handholds are solid, nonslip, and correctly spaced 
The ladder comfortably meets the loft opening 
The ladder does not wobble or appear to strain when you put weight on it 
Loft Ladder Safety- 5 precautionary tips when using ladders: 
1. Wobbly Loft Ladders Equal a Red Flag 
Even though most lofts get used infrequently (if only used as a storage space), loft ladder safety should not be taken lightly. The ladder should be sturdy and present solid handholds and footholds. It’s a good idea to check your loft ladder regularly to make sure all the features are in good order and there are no obvious signs of damage that could compromise its stability. It should be positioned firmly under the loft hatch or trap-door, the slightest wobble is an alarm bell, and it should comfortably reach the loft opening. 
2. Always Maintain 3 Points of Contact 
When using a loft ladder, you must keep three points of contact at all times. This makes sure that you always have a secure connection to the loft ladder at all times. Difficulty may arise when you are wanting to carry items in and out of the loft, so we suggest a second person standing by to help and hold the ladder. 
3. Don’t Overload the Loft Ladder 
Overloading yourself while ascending and descending a ladder can result in a serious injury. Double check the class rating and duty of the ladder, if you can't find your specific model, just remember to never carry more than 130 kg when using a loft ladder. 
At The Loft Access Company, we provide our customers with all the necessary safety information they need when using our loft ladders. If you have one of our loft ladders, you can check the safety instructions on our website, simply type in the product name and navigate to the product description. 
4. Wear Suitable Footwear 
When using ladders, you should wear a flat, closed toe shoe. Shoes or trainers with a bit of grip are best. Footwear like sandals or slippers can often have slippery soles which can cause a fall. Always double check your laces are tied before using the loft ladder. 
5. Correct Installation Equals Loft Ladder Safety 
The installation of your loft ladder can majorly affect your safety while using it, and most loft ladder accidents are due to incorrect ladder installation. Loft ladders that are fitted correctly, are installed into restricted spaces and are secure. They come in numerous sizes, are easy to install and observe all safety regulations. Standard fitted loft ladders are sturdy objects: once they are installed they convey a sense of reassurance. The installation should be done by professional craftsmen or a DIY expert, so that you can rest easy that all safety regulations have been observed. Often the hatch that leads to the loft needs changing to fit well with the model you have chosen; renewing an old hatch is another significant safety measure as you update to newer materials and systems. 
How can The Loft Access Company help with loft ladder safety? 
Considering the importance of correct installation to ensure optimum loft ladder safety, you should consult a specialised company, such as The Loft Access Company, who can recommend the safest system for your loft, and help you choose amongst the numerous ladder types. 
Most loft ladders come in metal or wood which either slide or fold up into the loft. Other models include concertina or folding loft ladders, all designed to discreetly disappear when not needed. Whichever you choose, the best safety measure is caution: these are ladders, not grand staircases, they are mostly without handrails so attention is needed. 
The Loft Access Company have over 22 years’ experience in all things loft related - including installing loft insulation. If have any other questions or would like to book in a no-obligation survey, please get in touch. Thank you for reading! 
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