Lofts comprise a significant part of your home as you get to store unused items in them. Sometimes people convert these lofts into study rooms, extra bedrooms or maybe even a library. So don't you want your loft space to be easily accessible? Getting a modern, smart and classy ladder would make your home look pretty, clean and stylish. 
Aluminium loft ladders  
Of all the ladders in the market, aluminium loft ladders are probably the most commonly used. They are lightweight, durable, comfortable and easy to handle. They come in versatile colours, and innovative styles and designs that are irresistible. 
Though they are handy, these ladders are exceptionally strong and so anyone can stand on top of them without the fear of falling. They are also maintenance free and corrosion resistant, so you don't have to worry about leaving them out in the open (although this is unlikely unless you are reroofing your house!). 
Padded aluminium ladders will not make any noise when they are moved. However, if you are storing your ladder near an electric source, then you must be very careful, as aluminium is a good conductor of heat. 
Aluminium ladders have another major benefit: They can be recycled or sold to a scrap company once you are done with it, or when you feel that it is time for an upgrade. 
Wooden loft ladders 
Aluminium ladders are really great, no doubt about that. But sometimes, people prefer to go for wooden ladders when they want people to notice their ladders. 
Most wooden ladders are made of Spruce or Pine, and they are beautiful and hence add to aesthetic appeal of your home. There are some superbly crafted wooden ladders, and they come in so many varied designs that will make you immediately fall in love with at least one of them. 
The rock-solid feel that you get from ascending a wooden loft ladder is incomparable. There are folded wooden loft ladders in the market which can be fitted quite easily with any kind of loft space. There are different varieties of handrails too, so you can choose the style or design which most please you. 
What about your floors? 
As loft ladders reach down to the floor, it is important that you have sufficient protection for your floors. When you put pressure on the ladder, it could mark the tiles on the floor, especially if the carpeting is not good enough. So, make sure the foot of your ladder is padded; good anti-slip rubber padding will make sure your ascent is stable and sturdy as well as protecting your flooring. 
We ensure all parts of our installations are strong and safe. From the loft flooring to the loft ladders, loft lighting and truss shelving, we leave nothing at all to chance! The Loft Access Company have over 22 years’ experience in all things loft related - including installing loft insulation. If have any other questions or would like to book in a no-obligation survey, please get in touch. Thank you for reading! 
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