Whilst a full loft conversion can open your home to endless possibilities, it may may not always the most viable option for you or your budget. There is, however, additional value to be found when creating a more suitable storage area.  
The standard solutions to creating a storage space are safe access, boarding and lighting - we can offer something more. Please check out these fantastic new storage alternatives, and let us know what you think. 
Using the empty loft space to store your belongings definitely isn't a new idea, but as many UK properties (in particular the newly-built homes) are constructed with trussed roofs, boarding isn't the best option. Trusses are tricky to navigate chipboards around, and insulation can be in risk of compression.  
Boarding just a small section of the loft is the next viable alternative. This causes much less hassle during the installation, but leaves much of the loft empty. Here are some alternatives: 

 Loft Stowaway Trays 

Loft stowaway trays offer a unique solution to the issue of compressed insulation. This fantastic product is a simple enough concept; sliding trays which sit upon aluminium runners.  
The tray itself is made of the same material as the boarding, and when installed correct, sit on the floor joists and therefore above each roll of insulation. The trays are installed between the trusses or underneath the eaves, meaning that every inch of the loft can be used efficiently. 
The trays also come supplied with an operating pole for ease of use. You can find out more information here
loft stowaway trays windsor
loft shelving maidenhead

 Loft Shelves 

A slight variation to the sliding tray, the loft shelves are a fantastic new product that can provide valuable extra storage space - specifically within trussed roof lofts.  
Installed between the trusses to create suspended storage shelves, this cleverly designed product is suitable to fit between standard width timbers. They are also energy efficient, as they don't come into contact with the insulation. The boarded area within the loft is also left free for the heavier items.  
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