Intricately designed to create better living environments, VELUX Roof Windows have been enhancing spaces with awkward roofs for over 70 years. With a passion for daylight and fresh air, each window unit can improve the appearance and feel of a living area ten-fold. 
With an enormous range of different purpose-built window units to choose from, the VELUX brand is now internationally recognised as the leading supplier of roof windows, with manufacturing operations in more than 35 countries.  
For rooms with low ceilings, we can install a centre-pivot (pictured right) to provide a wonderful source of natural daylight, making the space look brighter, lighter and ultimately larger. To make the most of the natural daylight, our range of top-hung can give you a full, unobstructed view of the skyline. Whilst each of these windows have slightly different functions, both are excellent for increasing the natural ventilation, and also your home's energy efficiency. 
For the larger spaces, VELUX CABRIO balcony and roof terrace units (pictured left) would be the perfect addition to your loft space as they can really make the most of unused space - they also look fabulous in their own right! Opening outwards on its top hinges, the CABRIO changes from a simple window to a balcony in seconds, this innovative balcony not only adds light and air, but also a great panoramic view. 
Each window also has a fantastic range of accessories available. From shutters in a multitude of different colours and patterns, to electric blackout energy blinds, there really is something for everyone. 
Please visit our Roof Windows and Blinds page for more information. 
Velux Cabrio balcony view over Thames in Bray
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