Do you want to slide, pull or operate via remote? 
Here is a brief guide on how to choose your next loft ladder! 
Each access ladder available has a different set of features, but the most basic distinction is often how the ladder operates. There are three main types of operation ladders. The most basic are the sliding ladders, followed by the more substantial folding ladders and lastly the heavy duty concertina range.  
There are benefits and restrictions to each type of ladder, with each type of ladder having it's own pros and cons - it is more about choosing the right one to suit your home and the purpose you will be using it for. 


Sliding ladders are the most basic loft access ladder available. The can operated with relative, simply pivoting down from the aperture with a provided operating pole.  
Available in either aluminium or timber, the ladder is installed supported by the loft boarding and the mouth of the aperture within the loft. The aluminium alternative is available as either a two-section or a three-section ladder, the only difference being the three-section is shorter and better suited for properties with a lower-pitched roof. 
Sliding ladders are perfect for properties in which the loft is only accessed very rarely, for basic storage purposes. Additional handrails can also be purchased for extra support when in use. 


Folding ladders, in comparison to sliding ladders, are much more substantial.  
Holding up to 150KG of weight, the three-section timber ladder seen to the left is designed for regular and consistent use. It is therefore perfect for access to lofts that are used as a non-habitable space - for example a playroom or home office.  
The ladder itself is supplied a kit along with a thermally insulated hatch. The whole kit is installed into the aperture, with the ladder sitting firmly against the back of door. The ladder is therefore much easier to operate, and less likely to fall down onto the operator when opening or closing the hatch door.  


Concertina are fantastic ladders designed for save as much space within the loft as possible. There are two main variations available; domestic and commercial. 
The domestic concertina is very lightweight ladder that is suitable for most traditional sized loft apertures. This ladder is great for lofts that are regularly access for storage purposes. 
The commercial concertina is much more heavy-duty. With a fire-rated certification, this access ladder is completely made to measure and therefore can be manufactured to suit any size access hatch or ceiling height. Whilst this ladder is referred to as the 'commerical' ladder, it is suitable to be installed into any property -including ones with suspended ceilings, as per the picture to the left! 


Powered via the mains but installed with back-up battery packs, there is a range of electric ladders available.  
The first electric ladder is a concertina, however only the hatch is automated. Extremely heavy duty, this ladder is suitable for heights up to 3.69 meters and operates on a 240 mains voltage. Additional telescopic handrails can also be purchased. 
The electric timber alternative is fully automated, and can be operated via a smartphone or table through Bluetooth. With a working load of 150KG, this ladder is provided with two handrails and a wall-mounted switch within the loft. Perfect for a children's playroom! 

  For further information or all of our available ladders, please get in touch on 01753 840485!  

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