Electric loft ladders basically fall into two categories, the metal concertina ladder and the wooden folding/sliding ladder. These ladders operate in a similar style to the traditional models although they are more advanced when it comes to mechanism and operation. Both types are customarily supplied complete with frame and hatch. Different from the manual loft ladder type, the electric ladders are more convenient and efficient to operate. They are electricity powered and can be conveniently operated by simply touching a button. 
They Offer Unique Features 
Electric loft ladders are available in a wide range of types, sizes, styles and features. A number of them have handrails, while others come with rubberised stair anti-slip treads. They can be produced from a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium, and wood. In addition, electric attic ladders are available in diverse models, each designed specifically for a particular purpose. 
Electric Wooden Ladders Benefits 
Those who want a classic-looking, yet dependable loft ladder should ideally go for the one made using high-quality wood. Wooden electric attic ladders boast of several functional features like convenient motor controls, which can easily be accessed from above and below. They typically come pre-assembled making it easy to integrate them into pre-prepared joist openings. 
Electric Concertina Loft Ladders Benefits 
On the other hand, the electric concertina loft ladders are the ideal option for those seeking a functional, elegant and sophisticated loft/attic ladder. Typically, these are made from anodised aluminium for superior durability. The electric motor makes coming down and going up much easier. 
Overall, using an electric loft ladder guarantees you convenient ladder operation and an easy loft access. If you regularly use your loft, then the initial financial outlay made on the electrical loft ladder will be more than compensated by the benefits. Not only are they convenient and easy to operate, but they are also safe as they come with inbuilt safety features. 
Safety Features 
Safety is always a concern at home and with an electric loft ladder, it’s not any different. Some of the more advanced concertina loft ladders come with safety sensors. In case an obstacle is in the way or pulling on the trapdoor, the electric ladder has been designed to do an emergency stop. 
Electric attic ladders also come with a manual override control. This becomes very beneficial in the event of your ladder's electric motor malfunctioning suddenly or in case of a power failure. Several come with a remote control system for operating the electric ladder, designed for easy and convenient operation. 
The choice of material is entirely a personal decision. Wooden loft ladders are normally heavier compared to aluminium but as you will be operating it using electricity and not manually, the issue of weight doesn’t really matter after the installation. Aluminium is certainly more durable than wood. However, wooden loft ladders are thought to be more pleasing aesthetically. 
Here at The Loft Access Company we have a selection of electric loft ladders. Whatever your requirements, you are sure to get it here. 
We ensure all parts of our installations are strong and safe. From the loft flooring to the loft ladders, loft lighting and truss shelving, we leave nothing at all to chance! The Loft Access Company have over 22 years’ experience in all things loft related - including installing loft insulation. If have any other questions or would like to book in a no-obligation survey, please get in touch. Thank you for reading! 
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