How big is your hatch? 
As you may have gathered by reading through the specifications for some of the loft ladders in our other blogs, hatch size really does matter! Not all existing hatch sizes will be suitable for all ladders. But don’t despair, it is possible to extend some loft hatches to make them longer and/or wider. 
Before you get too excited though, there are a number of factors that will dictate the feasibility of extending your loft hatch, including roof design, the age of the property and whether the ceiling contains asbestos. This is where a good surveyor comes in. Our surveyors will check if you can have the hatch opening extended for free. And if it’s not going to be possible, they will leave you with whatever options are available to you. 
Before we look at the different types of loft hatches just bear this in mind: if you’re talking with any companies about loft hatches, make sure they are going to install one that’s fully insulated and draught-proof. There’s no point in having all that lovely insulation in your loft just for all the heat to escape through your hatch. 
Here are some of the main types of loft hatches and openings that we work with: 
New Hinged Trapdoor: Need to replace the trapdoor to your loft with a solid hinged down one? We can custom make one to suit your loft hatch opening, which always comes fully insulated and draught-proof as standard! 
Timber Hatch: This is a custom-made timber loft hatch casing with a fully insulated and draught-proof 18mm hinged MDF trapdoor. It comes complete with a lock and is finished off with an architrave to suit your home. 
High Impact Polystyrene Hatch: This loft hatch meets the requirements of the BS 9250:2007 Code of Practice for the design of the airtightness of ceilings in pitched roofs. With the twist latch operation and common size match, this hatch is our most popular from our maintenance-free range. 
Lockable Hatch: The unobtrusive design of this loft door coupled with sleek, contemporary styling makes it an ideal match for modern decors. It is supplied with a key lock for additional security. 
Steel Lockable Hatch: This is a premium steel loft hatch finished in powder-coated white and can be painted to blend with the surrounding surface. The door panel is a high-quality robust access solution suitable for everyday use with all the discrete advantages you should expect. The spring-loaded invisible keyhole provides a seamless finish, without the unsightly white caps that can spoil the finished design. Perfect for those of you planning to store old treasure maps up there! 
Whether you want to book a survey, get a quote or simply ask any questions on loft ladders or anything else related to all things loft – do get in touch. 
The Loft Access Company have over 22 years’ experience in all things loft related - including installing loft insulation. If have any other questions or would like to book in a no-obligation survey, please get in touch. Thank you for reading! 
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