Commercial access ladders come in all shapes and sizes. Our range of heavy duty concertina ladders below and perfect for properties that have high ceilings, suspended ceilings or have vertical wall access. Perfect for properties through-out Berkshire and London. 
Industrial access ladder unit for Suspended Ceilings in Commercial properties

Commercial Access Ladders in Industrial Properties 

Commercial properties generally have higher ceilings in comparison to most domestic properties. Combined with their concrete openings, most access ladders tend to be unsuitable to be installed for this purpose as they are not built for such long-term durability. Our commercial access ladder range ensures that all access points can be provided for.  
Completely bespoke, every height, width or weight load can be accomodated for. 
Access within commercial properties is required for plant rooms, air conditioning, lift maintenance or as access to the roof. Our fantastic concertina ladder range accommodates for awkward access points, is lightweight and has a minimal working load of 150 KG (23.5 stone) - eliminating concern for injust for tradesmen and engineers regularly accessing the space for routine maintenance works. 
Complete with fire resistant hatches, our commercial concertina ladder range also have integral spring hardware systems and are fully counterbalanced. The trapdoor is thermally insulated, with galvanised sheet metal surrounding the unit as protection against rust. 
Commercial Concertina Made to Measure Access Ladder

Commercial Access Ladder 

A ladder unit which is constructed to suit your existing opening. 
Heavy-duty, fully counterbalanced unit. 
Lightweight and fully spring assisted. 
No painting required. 
Unit secured using clamps/brackets to all four corners of the frame. 
Fire-rated option available. 
Has a working load of 150KG//23.5 stone. 
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Industrial access ladder for wall access in commercial properties

Commercial Wall Access Ladder 

Heavy duty, fully counterbalanced unit. 
Suited for Floor-to-Ceiling heights between 2.5m and 3.8m 
Deep, safe treads. 
Made to measure, complete with hatch and frame. 
Optional telescopic handrail available. 
Fire-rated option available. 
Has a working load of 150KG//23.5 stone. 
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Industrial access ladder for suspended ceilings in commercial properties

Commercial Suspended Ceiling Access Ladder 

Supplied with an extra step within the box attachment for safe access between suspended ceilings. 
Heavy duty unit. 
Fully counterbalanced. 
Telescopic handrails available. 
Fire-rated option available. 
Has a working load of 150KG//23.5 stone. 
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Fully Automated Commercial Access Ladder 

Fully automated access hatch and ladder, with optional remote control  
Heavy duty 
Mains 340 volt 
Made to measure floor-to-ceiling heights up to 3.69m 
Supplied with integrated box with insulated hatch and frame, creating a seamless finish  
Telescopic handrail 
Low noise operation complete with emergency back-up 
Automatic stop feature to avoid collision 
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What do customers of The Loft Access Company say about us? 

"I would highly recommend The Loft Access Company for any commercial access ladders. I have been working for LOL, Lifts of London for 15 years and it is common for sites that require maintenance on a higher level to have inadequate access. It is essential for insurance purposes for my installers to have a fixed ladder installed. I regularly refer my customers/site agents to The Loft Access Company as they have an impressive range to suit many scenarios." 
Kyle - West London 
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