In this blog we’re going to give you the lowdown on what features you should know about before making a choice on what loft ladder to install. 
Max load 
The maximum weight or load for loft ladders usually starts at 100Kg and goes up to around 175kg. To put that in perspective, 100 kilos is 15.7 stones or for the zookeepers out there, the average weight of a newborn baby elephant! When choosing a ladder it’s worth bearing in mind your own weight plus any boxes you’ll be carrying. 
Non-slip treads 
Proper treads are essential for climbing safely and their depth can vary depending on the ladder. If you’re already a bit unsteady when climbing then deeper treads are well worth considering. 
None of us is getting any younger so we really love a good handrail as it provides an extra safety feature. Some ladders come with several handrails and their lengths can vary. You can also get extra ones if you need them. 
Spring-assisted ladders are easier to lower or stow away. Therefore this is probably one of the most useful features available. You’ll generally have to pay a little more for this feature, but not that much. It’s highly recommended if you think you might struggle to pull the ladder down or lift it above head height. 
Rubber feet 
These are a must if you have a wooden or laminated floor where the ladder’s feet will be standing. And even if you have carpet these will help keep it from getting too much wear and tear. 
Whether you want to book a survey, get a quote or simply ask any questions on loft ladders or anything else related to all things loft – do get in touch. 
The Loft Access Company have over 22 years’ experience in all things loft related - including installing loft insulation. If have any other questions or would like to book in a no-obligation survey, please get in touch. Thank you for reading! 
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