If your property has a party wall(s), you will need to serve notice of works upon your neighbour before the commencement of the works. The Loft Access Company provide a dedicated service to handle the processing of all legal documentation as part of our Design Service offering. 
Party Wall Service of Notice: £250 plus VAT per adjoining owner 

What is the Party Wall Act? 

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is the provision for any works to be conducted on a property (semi-detached or mid-terraced) that are likely to affect Party Walls.  
The Act exists to protect both the building and the adjoining owner(s) from any issues that may arise as a result of the works. The Party Wall Act is a progressive act that allows the homeowner to progress with works subject to the adjoining owner(s) response to the notice. It does not act as substitute for any necessary Town Planning or building regulation requirements.  
Service of Notice 
The Service of Notice is the initial document that details the proposed works to the adjoining owner(s). The Notice must be served two months in advance of the works going ahead unless otherwise agreed. The adjoining owner(s) then have an initial time-frame of 14 days to respond to the Notice, returning their Acknowledgement Form with either their consent or dissent. 
Party Wall Service of Notice: £250 plus VAT per adjoining neighbour 
Adjoining Owner(s) Consents 
If the adjoining owner(s) consents to the works proposed in the Notice, no further action is necessary.  
Works can then commence within a one year period of the consent being given.  
Adjoining Owner(s) Dissents 
The adjoining owner(s) can dissent to the works proposed if they want or require protection to their own property. An appointed Party Wall Surveyor will then visit the neighbour(s)' property and provide a Schedule of Condition which is a report of the condition of the neighbouring property prior to the work commencing.  
Following the Schedule of Condition, an Award will be served upon both owners ie building owner and adjoining owner(s) to resolve the dispute. This is a legally binding document which will clearly state how the works are to be carried out in accordance to the Party Wall Act.  
Only once the Award has been served can the proposed works begin. The Award makes a provision for the homeowner proposing the works being responsible for any damage caused by the party wall notifiable works, or compensation for the remedial works. 
No further payment required 
Schedule of Condition & Party Wall Award: £1050 plus VAT per adjoining owner 
Schedule of Condition & Party Wall Award: £1050 plus VAT per adjoining neighbour 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

If you have any questions about the Party Wall Service presented here, please take a moment to read through the FAQs below. If you need any further information, please contact us directly.  
A Party Wall, as defined in Section 20 of the Act, is either: 
1) Forming part of a building and stands on land belonging to different owners OR 
2) A wall that separates buildings belonging to different owners. 
Any works to the party wall. For a loft conversion, this includes (but is not limited to) cutting into the party wall to install steels, creating a dormer that extends to the boundary line, and raising an existing party wall.  
The homeowner proposing the works covers all reasonable fees, including any fees from additional surveyors that are appointed by the adjoining owner(s).  
The homeowner proposing the works will appoint a surveyor to serve the initial notice. If the adjoining owner(s) dissent to the proposed works, they then have two options.  
1) Both homeowner and adjoining owner(s) appoint an agreed surveyor to act impartially for both parties OR 
2) The adjoining owner(s) can appoint their own Surveyor. This means two surveyors will be appointed, and will agree the Award to resolve the dispute. The homeowner will be responsible for the adjoining homeowner's surveyor's reasonable fees. 
If they do not respond within the initial period of 14 days, the adjoining owner(s) are assumed to have dissented and a Surveyor must be appointed to act on their behalf.  
Work can commence once an award has been served, either by the agreed surveyor or by the two surveyors if the adjoining owner(s) has appointed their own surveyor. Approximate time from start to finish is between four and six weeks.  
Please Note: 
All prices quoted on this page are in relation to the area that The Loft Access Company work in. If you are based outside of this area, fees may differ slightly.  
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