Two members of the Loft Access team recently had to the opportunity to visit the head office and production factory of one our European suppliers. Based out in the Czech Republic, we have been working with JAP for many years, focusing on their range of concertina loft ladders - some of the most fantastic ladders currently available.  
Established over 26 years ago, JAP are based in the south of Czech Republic and have an enormous portfolio of products which are exported to customers all over the world. Over 70% of those exports however, are their concertina loft ladders. The Loft Access Company have been in partnership with JAP since 2014, and are one of only two suppliers within the UK - a position we are very proud to be in! 
Visiting our suppliers is very important part of our business as it develops both our understanding of the products we promote daily, and builds stronger relationships with the other companies within our trade. Loft Access have visited Jap a number of times, with each new team member getting the opportunity to go to make the absolute most of this great partnership. 
Their manufacturing process happens entirely within their five (soon to be six) buildings. This includes, but is not limited to, the order processing, welding, laminating, and packaging. The process is therefore much smoother, and faults are more easily rectified.  

"...great to see the whole production line, from start to finish..." Warwick 

loft ladder supplier

Image 1. 

concertina loft ladder supplier

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combo concertina loft ladder

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The concertina concept of loft ladder has been around for a number of years, a very simple but utterly effective design. This particular range is fantastic as they are produced to suit any aperture or floor to ceiling height, and can be supplied as an entire unit. The unit, or box, includes the ladder and loft hatch as well as the surround architrave and draft insulator (see Image 3. for reference), completely unique to any other combination loft ladder elsewhere. 
Many traditional commercial buildings, specifically within the London boroughs, were originally built with suspended ceilings throughout so to increase the energy efficiency and fire safety. They do however, make access extremely difficult. The concertina ladder has an amazing solution to this. By providing the ladder within a much deeper, thermally insulated ‘box’ (see Image 5.), an additional step can be installed. Visit our dedicated Commercial Ladders page for more information. 
The manufacturing process involves first pressing the into the curved, concertina shape and then welding the ladder and frame pieces together. The paint finish is then completed (see Image 6. and Image 9.), followed by the final construction and packaging. 

"...very interesting to see how the ladders that we are selling every day are actually made, how they are welded and constructed into the final product." Kate 

commercial heavy duty loft ladder

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commercial heavy duty access ladder

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commercial heavy duty access ladder UK

Image 6. 

As a company, we are continuously looking to develop our knowledge and skills within the field. Having the opportunity to visit such a large-scale manufacturer of one of the best loft products available was therefore invaluable.  
This range of loft ladders are just fantastic because of the flexibility of size when ordering. Homeowners are so often told they aren't able to have a loft ladder because their access hatch does not suit the standard sizes of the traditional sliding ladders, so this is a perfect alternative. This combined with the low-profile loft hatch and surround, as well as the industrial weight limit, makes for a wonderful piece of kit.  
To our hosts, thank you very much again for the warm welcome - we hope to return soon! 
industrial heavy duty access ladder London

Image 7. 

heavy duty concertina ladder UK

Image 8. 

heavy duty concertina ladder London

Image 9. 

fire rated commercial access ladder

Image 10. 

"Knowing how each unit is manufactured has massively developed my understanding of why the ladder works so well as a commercial product" Warwick 

 For more information on this range of loft ladders, please visit our Loft Ladders and Hatches page.   Alternatively, you can contact us directly on 01753 840485.  

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